Sardines Icon (Bio 2)
Fontaine Atlantic Sardines tin - Copy
Pack on in nice and tight, little fellas! Rapture's waiting for you!
― excerpt, Fontaine Atlantic Sardines radio ad.[src]

Sardines are a consumable item that can be found in vending machines, on corpses, and in other places around Rapture in BioShock 2. They restore a small amount of Health when consumed. When used with the Extra Nutrition Gene Tonic, they will heal much more health.

Help Caption Edit

These canned sardines will give you a small amount of Health. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

Burial at Sea Edit

BaS1 Rapture Sardines
Sardines reappear in the BioShock Infinite downloadable contents Burial at Sea - Episode 1 and Episode 2. As in the previous game, it adds a small amount of Health when consumed. Sardines have a different skin in the DLCs. The texture for the Sardines are nearly identical to Columbia variant, except brand is renamed as 'Rapture Sardines'.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Fontaine's Finest Sardines tin
  • The cans of Frag Grenades in BioShock are labeled "Fontaine's Finest Sardines" and the sardine tins in BioShock 2 are labeled "Fontaine Atlantic Sardines." It is likely that the sardines were processed at Fontaine Fisheries.

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