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Sammy Fletcher
"Lizzy and I… we found a 'sphere and we're going home! Ain't that right, baby? Next stop, topside!"
―Sammy Fletcher[src]

Sammy Fletcher was a citizen of Rapture and the significant other of Lizzy.


Both Sammy and Lizzy had survived the fall of Rapture and attempted to escape the city in a Bathysphere they found. However, they were spotted by Sofia Lamb, who had taken control over the city's defense systems. Not wanting to risk them escaping and revealing Rapture's existence to the world, she fired a torpedo at them. In the midst of their getaway, the pair were recording an audio diary which captured the horrible moment the missile hit its target.

BioShock 2Edit

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Bioshock2 2013-11-17 09-48-05-752

The remains of the crashed Bathysphere.

When Subject Delta exits the now flooded Adonis Luxury Resort through the grand window in Demeter's Banquet Hall, he finds the very same bathysphere Sammy and Lizzy tried to escape in, lying on the sea floor. Both Sammy's and Lizzy's corpses can be found inside. By the looks of it, the bathysphere has been there for quite some time.

Audio DiaryEdit

BioShock 2Edit

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