The needs of our great city of Columbia must come before the desires of any foreigner, whether they be enemy or friend. For I have looked into the future and one path is filled with amity and gold, and the other is fraught with the perils of a hostile and alien world.
― Saltonstall's speech[1]

Henry Saltonstall[2] is an elderly politician in Columbia, and is a member of the Founders political faction.

BioShock Infinite
Gamescom 2010 Gameplay Trailer

Judging by the posters found around Columbia, he is running for councilman of Ward 6. He wears a blue sport coat and red and white vertically striped pants, similar in style to that of Uncle Sam.[3] He sports a friendly mutton chop[4] mustache and carries a small badge with the colors of the American flag. He appears to be insane as he is found speaking to a crowd of empty chairs about the "importance of preserving the purity of Columbia." However, when the protagonist grabs a weapon, it's clear that Saltonstall is more than he appears, as his eyes, face, and voice undergo an inhuman change while his promotional button shifts into a symbol emblazoned with the Soviet hammer and sickle; this dramatic shift may have been an early example (or proto-form) of a Tear. A moment afterward, he calls Charles to attack Booker and use Murder of Crows upon him. After DeWitt kills Charles, Saltonstall utilizes a Sky-Hook on the Sky-Line to escape from him. The player sees Saltonstall enter a cannon across the city, where he opens fire upon DeWitt. DeWitt then ziplines down to the cannon, momentarily hiding in a bar before coming back out and destroying the cannon that Saltonstall had entered.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Main article: BioShock Infinite

He was cut along with Charles from the final/retail game. He is still mentioned by one of Columbia's citizen, as one of the Founders' major politicians. The scalp of Saltonstall can be found in Port Prosperity of Emporia, hung with other Founders leaders with their names above in blood. Strangely, though, the scalp has brown hair and Saltonstall was balding white. This may simply be a retcon, a design overlook or possibly someone else's scalp.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Paul Presley designed a stack of 5$ bills, which did not make it into the final version of the game. The bills depict the portrait of Saltonstall.[5]


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