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If I jig left when I should go right, there ain't gonna be enough bits a' me left to set a crab's table.
― Sal Cantone[src]

Sal Cantone is a citizen of Rapture and a former employee at Fontaine Futuristics.


Sal Cantone, being notably associated with Frank Fontaine, was sent to the prison-converted Fontaine's Department Store along with others of Fontaine's followers. While imprisoned, he started to plan his escape. He was well aware of the minefield set around the prison to prevent escape, which he noted as being well thought out by Andrew Ryan. He pondered the possible flaws within the minefield, which he might employ to escape using a Bathysphere. He knew it still would be extremely risky.[1] It is unknown if he attempted his escape or if he stayed in the prison, as he is not formally encountered in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

Audio DiaryEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Much like Samantha Kemp, Sal Cantone's Audio Diary portrait is a reused character model made by Peter Anderson, posted on his website on February 28th 2013. The original model was of Anderson's artist friend: Fred Fields, nicknamed "Triple F".[2] Anderson used the original uncolored render of Fields' model as a base for Sal Cantone's portrait.


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