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For the Audio Diary with the same name, see Sacrifices (Audio Diary).
Diary 5 Title Sacrifices
Speaker Daisy Fitzroy
Level Factory
Date July the 15th, 1912
Transcript: What's the price you're willing to pay so that others may live free from the yoke? DeWitt knew the price, and paid it willingly. And I sense what the Lutece twins will one day ask a' me. So far, their counsel has served me well -- served the revolution well. If a bullet takes me, so be it. But to offer myself up as a lamb? When I come to my garden of Gethsemane, will I play my role willingly... or will I burn the place down to the roots?

Location: Near a bunch of paintings stacked up in the silver airship docked opposite The First Lady.

VP gNr114-lNr01 Daisy Fitzroy - Sacrifices f0721 VP gNr114-lNr01 Daisy Fitzroy - Sacrifices f0722

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