For the Voxophone with the same name, see Sacrifices (Voxophone).
Augustus Sinclair Title Sacrifices
Speaker Augustus Sinclair
Level Inner Persephone
AD gNr124-lNr12 Augustus Sinclair - Sacrifices f0262
Transcript: Things aren't so rosy for Lamb's little collective farm down here, no matter how much influence she's got with the inmates. She keeps feedin' Ryan more an' more o' her people for the Big Daddy program in order to keep the rest of her flock alive... I think she's gettin' desperate. I oughta have Weir double the orderlies on all the major junctions.

Location: In a room on the first floor of the Administration Offices in the Therapy Wing.

AD gNr124-lNr12 Augustus Sinclair - Sacrifices f0263

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