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Sofia Lamb Title Ryan vs Lamb: Reality
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Atlantic Express
Ryan vs Lamb: Reality
AD gNr012-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Ryan vs Lamb Reality f0025

Ryan: White is not black, Doctor Lamb -- down is not up, and straw is not gold. Look around you. Rapture is no miracle -- it is a product of reason, impossible unless one and one are two, and A equates to A.

(Crowd murmur, tense, some agreement)

Lamb: And yet... alone, each man is a prisoner to bias. Dream, delusion, or the pain of a phantom limb -- to one man, they are as real as rain. Reality is consensus... and the people are losing faith. Take a walk Andrew. It is raining in Rapture... and you have simply chosen not to notice.

(Angry half - cheering in agreement)

Location: In the storage room of the Railway Cafe.

AD gNr012-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Ryan vs Lamb Reality f0026

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