Bill McDonagh Title Ryan Takes F Futuristics
Speaker Bill McDonagh
Level Hephaestus
Ryan Takes F Futuristics
Bill McDonagh - Ryan Takes F Futuristics.ogg
Transcript: Ryan nationalized Fontaine Futuristics -- he owns it now, lock, stock and barrel. For the good of the city, he says. He'll break it up in due time, he says. I've resigned from the Council and lodged me letter of protest, but that's just pissing in the wind. It'll be war, I say... unless somebody stops Ryan, and right fast.

Location: Hephaestus, in a crate near the Circus of Values machine.

AD gNr082-lNr01 Bill McDonagh - Ryan Takes F Futuristics f0475 AD gNr082-lNr01 Bill McDonagh - Ryan Takes F Futuristics f0476

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