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For the item with the same name, see Rose (Flower).
"Is it someone new?"

Rose is a significant Rosebud Spider Splicer in BioShock. She is the first Splicer the player comes in contact with at the start of Welcome to Rapture. She is a very powerful Splicer, and whenever she is near the player she sprinkles rose petals from above (hence her name). She has her own unique dialogue, and can often be heard lamenting her withered beauty.


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From inside the bathysphere in Welcome to Rapture, Jack witnesses her corner and slaughter Johnny. Upon realizing the presence of the newly arrived bathysphere, she begins to tear out its machinery, disabling the submersible. Later, she prepares to attack Jack, but is chased away by one of Atlas' hacked Security Cameras. She escapes the Welcome Center through Rapture's ventilation shafts and flees to Neptune's Bounty.

Jack encounters her again in Neptune's Bounty just outside Fontaine Fisheries, though this time she is scared away by Peach Wilkins. The player will finally be able to fight her after taking the research photos of three Spider Splicers. On the way back to the Fontaine Fisheries the player will find the Wrench Lurker Gene Tonic sitting on a ledge, left there as a trap to lure the player in. Grabbing it, or even simply walking up to it, will cause Rose to attack.


Menacing the PlayerEdit

  • "I'll wrap you in a sheet!"
  • "What crawls in my garden?"
  • "But the days go by like wind..."
  • "Who can blame a lady who craves variety?"
  • "And one day the gentlemen stopped calling..."

Upon Seeing the PlayerEdit

  • "My youth! My rose! I want it back! I want it back!! Yeargh!"

Attacking the PlayerEdit

  • "Look at me! Look at me!"
  • "My youth! My youth!"

Chasing the PlayerEdit

  • "Come back to me!"
  • "Come back! Please!"
  • "Don't tempt me!"
  • "Why do you run!?"
  • "Why do you hide!?"
  • "Can't we be together!? Can't we!?"
  • "I'm not finished yet!"

Upon Killing the PlayerEdit

  • "I'll plant him in my garden."
  • "I'll plant you in my garden."
  • "A flower for your grave."


  • " c-cold...ehh."

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • During and after the scripted scene when Rose kills Johnny in Welcome to Rapture, she can be heard humming the melody of "If I Didn't Care," one of the songs by the Ink Spots included in the BioShock Licensed Soundtrack.
  • It is possible to "kill" Rose in the player's first battle with her if the player is playing on Easy difficulty with enough Antipersonnel Machine Gun Rounds. However, her body will be unlootable.

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