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Robb Waters is one of the concept artists for BioShock and the Senior Character Concept Artist for BioShock Infinite.


Robb Waters worked on games such as System Shock and Thief: The Dark Project before becoming an employee of Irrational Games in 2000. After he was hired he worked as a programmer for Freedom Force (2002) and as a concept artist for Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich (2005). He was eventually given the task as a concept artist for BioShock and is responsible for creating the final look for the Little Sisters, the Splicer models, the appearance of Andrew Ryan and Sander Cohen, advertising (both in-game and marketing), the Plasmid training videos, The Challenge Rooms and much more. On the development team of BioShock Infinite, Waters became the Senior Character Concept Artist and created concept art for many characters and set pieces, including those of the Songbird, the Heavy Hitters (excluding the Firemen), the Sky-Hook, Cornelius Slate and Daisy Fitzroy. Sculpting is one of Waters talents, and he designed the Songbird statue,[1] featured in the Ultimate Songbird Edition. The Cover art for BioShock Infinite and Clash in the Clouds was also made by Waters. After the closing of Irrational Games Waters, worked with Day for Night Games on the indie title The Black Glove as a Concept artist, which was unfortunately shelved.[2] He later started working on the game Perception by The Deep End Games which will be released in June 2016[3] and the System Shock remake, under Night Dive Studios.[4]

Game CreditsEdit

BioShock seriesEdit

Year Game Company Credited as/for
2007 BioShock 2K Boston / 2K Australia Concept Artist, PS3 System Concept Artist
2010 BioShock 2 2K Marin Team
2013 BioShock Infinite Irrational Games Senior Character Concept Artist


Year Game Company Credited as/for
1994 System Shock Looking Glass Studios Artist
1995 Flight Unlimited Looking Glass Studios Artist
1996 Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri Looking Glass Studios Artist
1998 Thief: The Dark Project Looking Glass Studios Artist
1998 Akuji: The Heartless Crystal Dynamics Artist
N/A[sic] The Lost Irrational Games Concept Artist
2002 Freedom Force Irrational Games Freedom Force Team, Audio
2005 Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Irrational Games Concept Artist, Audio
2005 SWAT 4 Irrational Games Artist
2012 PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale SuperBot Entertainment Support
N/A[sic] The Black Glove Day For Night Games Art Director, Concept Artist
2016 Perception The Deep End Games Concept Artist
2017 System Shock: Remastered Edition Night Dive Studios Artist


Insect Swarm Plasmid training00:11

Insect Swarm Plasmid training

The Insect Swarm training video.
BioShock Infinite Possesion00:10

BioShock Infinite Possesion

The Possession training video.



BioShock InfiniteEdit


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