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Brigid Tenenbaum Title Return
Speaker Brigid Tenenbaum
Level Adonis Luxury Resort
AD gNr004-lNr04 Brigid Tenenbaum - Return f0008
Transcript: I am back in Rapture, after so many years. The Little Ones I rescued are grown up, and think of me no more. After what I once did to them, it was a joy to be forgotten. But now, all around the world -- children vanish by the sea. Kidnapped. And so, I return... in fear of what I already know: Someone is making new Little Ones... continuing my work, my sins. Even if I am to die for it -- I must stop them.

Location: In the area with two Splicers in the water, on a bench to the right.

AD gNr004-lNr04 Brigid Tenenbaum - Return f0009

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