Regardèrent et Furent Observés is an experimental art film that was directed by Sander Cohen. In the BioShock Infinite Downloadable Content Burial at Sea - Episode 2, this film can be viewed on a kinetoscope in the lower lounge of the Manta Ray Lounge.

Cohen Kinetoscope BAS2

"Regardèrent et Furent Observés"
Level: Housewares


The short film is an avant garde experiment in suspense, surprise, and the relationship between man and art. It has an intentionally rough, impromptu aesthetic to throw off viewer expectation. Manical laughter and Rise, Rapture, Rise played backwards heard as the familiar "please stand by" sign slowly spins around. A distorted voice then asks the viewer "Why do you stand there? When someone is right…BEHIND YOU". When Elizabeth finishes watching it, she turns around to find a masked statue sitting right behind her, which appeared out of a hatch usually used by hidden Turrets.

Location: In the lower lounge of the Manta Ray Lounge.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The title roughly translates into "(They) looked and were observed," which speaks to the nature of the art installation. Anyone gazing at the film is simultaneously being observed by the statue; thus exposing the two-sided relationship between art and man.
  • This Kinetoscope was written by Bill Gardner.[1]
  • The masked statue that appears seemingly out of nowhere behind the viewer is a reference to Cohen's Plastered Splicers who would creep up behind Jack in the original BioShock.
  • Some of the laughter in the background is from the Lady Smith Splicer from BioShock.


  1. Ken Levine on Twitter

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