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"...We worship the raven, so that we might cover the city with eyes..."
―First Zealot[src]

Raven's Dome is the third map in Clash in the Clouds DLC in BioShock Infinite. Like all maps, it contains 15 Blue Ribbon Challenges and 15 waves of enemies, including Handymen, Motorized Patriots, Firemen and Zealots.

The Raven's Dome itself is a large aviary floating at the top of the Fraternal Order of the Raven headquarters. It is surrounded by numerous hovercraft and gunships, as well as freight hooks suspended by balloons. Office doors can be used for special respawn tactics.

Raven's Dome can be unlocked for 500 Silver Eagles.

Clearing all 15 waves yields the "Rooftop Ruffian" Achievement/Trophy.


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