Sofia Lamb Title Rapture is Deliverance
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Ryan Amusements
Rapture is Deliverance
AD gNr020-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Rapture is Deliverance f0043
Transcript: I know the surface, Eleanor. I spent half a lifetime there, in service of the common good. But then, I heard my own words twisted by fat old men, squatting over the embers of Hiroshima. Were the modern world a patient in my care, I would diagnose it suicidal. On perhaps that point alone, Andrew Ryan is correct. Rapture... is deliverance.

Location: On a shrine in the ladies restroom of the Gift Shop. Electro Bolt needed to get in.

AD gNr020-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Rapture is Deliverance f0044

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