C. M. Porter raw picture Title Rapture Departure Protocol
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level The Thinker
Rapture Departure Protocol
AD gNr163-lNr01 Charles Milton Porter - Rapture Departure Protocol f0344
Transcript: Well, Thinker... Ryan's secret police are on their way. They cooked up some kind of evidence against me -- "treason", they say. I've heard what happens to folks who get disappeared. Come back as one of those... metal daddies. So... I'm leaving you with something to cogitate on in my absence. Inputting... Rapture Departure Protocol. Figure a way to get yourself out of this city, Thinker. You've got to live on, no matter what happens to me. You'll find a way.

Location: In the center of the dark room with the many glowing green equations everywhere while chasing Reed Wahl.

AD gNr163-lNr01 Charles Milton Porter - Rapture Departure Protocol f0345

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