Bill McDonagh Title Rapture Changing
Speaker Bill McDonagh
Level Neptune's Bounty
Rapture Changing
Bill McDonagh - Rapture Changing
Transcript: Rapture's changing, but Ryan can't see the wolves in the woods. This Fontaine fellow... he's a crook and a proper tea leaf, but he's got the ADAM, and that makes him the guv'nor. He's sinking the profits back into bigger and better Plasmids, building them Fontaine Poorhouses... more like Fontaine recruiting centers... 'Fore we know it, Bloke's gonna have an army of Splicers, and we're gonna have ourselves a whole heap of miseries.

Location: The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern, on the desk in basement office.

AD gNr038-lNr19 Bill McDonagh - Rapture Changing f0424

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