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"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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For Businesses in Columbia, see Columbia Businesses.

As perhaps the most zealously laissez-faire society in mankind's history, Rapture experienced a great deal of commerce during its prime. Ranging from large companies like Fontaine Futuristics to smaller entities like Gagnant Bicycles, Rapture fulfilled its promise as a place of opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Significant BusinessesEdit

In RaptureEdit

The businesses in this category are the most significant to players of the BioShock series or had the largest impact on Rapture.

On the SurfaceEdit

Businesses Owned by Significant PeopleEdit

Andrew Ryan's BusinessesEdit

Andrew RyanHQ

On the surfaceEdit

In RaptureEdit

Frank Fontaine's BusinessesEdit

Frank FontaineHQ

On the surfaceEdit

  • Hudson LoansBookicon?[2]

In RaptureEdit

Augustus Sinclair's BusinessesEdit

Augustus Sinclair

Sofia Lamb's BusinessesEdit

Sofia Lamb

Businesses By LocationEdit

Welcome CenterEdit

Welcome to Rapture Sign
Businesses operating in the Welcome Center

Medical PavilionEdit

Medical Pavilion Logo
Businesses operating in the Medical Pavilion

Neptune's BountyEdit

Neptune's Bounty
Businesses operating in Neptune's Bounty
Businesses operating out of Neptune's Bounty

Smuggler's HideoutEdit

Businesses operating in the Smuggler's Hideout
  • Smuggling (Fontaine)


Arcadia Entrance Sign
Businesses operating in Arcadia

Farmer's MarketEdit

Farmer's Market Entrance
Businesses operating in the Farmer's Market
Businesses operating out of the Farmer's Market

Fort FrolicEdit

Fort Frolic
Businesses operating in Fort Frolic


Businesses operating in Hephaestus

Olympus HeightsEdit

Olympus Heights
Businesses operating in Olympus Heights

Apollo SquareEdit

Apollo Square
Businesses operating in Apollo Square

Point PrometheusEdit

Businesses operating in Point Prometheus
Point Prometheus entrance

Adonis Luxury ResortEdit

Adonis Luxury Resort Logo
Businesses operating in the Adonis Luxury Resort

Atlantic Express DepotEdit

Maintenance Depot Atlantic Express Sign
Businesses operating in the Atlantic Express Depot

Ryan AmusementsEdit

Ryan Amusements
Businesses operating in Ryan Amusements

Pauper's DropEdit

Businesses operating in Pauper's Drop
Pauper's Drop

Siren AlleyEdit

Siren Alley
Businesses operating in Siren Alley

Dionysus ParkEdit

Dionysus Park
Businesses operating in Dionysus Park

Fontaine FuturisticsEdit

Businesses operating in Fontaine Futuristics


GUL Persephony diffuse
Businesses operating in the Persephone Penal Colony (Outer and Inner)

Minerva's DenEdit

Minerva's Den Sign
Businesses operating in Minerva's Den

Market StreetEdit

Businesses operating in Market Street
Businesses operating out of Market Street

High StreetEdit

Businesses operating in High Street

Fontaine's Department StoreEdit

Businesses operating in Fontaine's Department Store

Businesses Mentioned in Various PlacesEdit

Chinesefood diff

Brand NamesEdit

Brands of DrinksEdit

Brands of FoodEdit


Semi-Canon BusinessesEdit

These are businesses that might be seen or mentioned in various official materials but are not known to be seen in game. For example, some are from the back of the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock's instruction manual and the BioShock: Breaking the Mold artbook. Others are from the Challenge Rooms DLC, whose status is non-canon.

Concept Art BusinessesEdit

These are businesses seen only in the concept art of various items and locations of Rapture, which were not seen in the final version of the game.

  • Athena Steam Works[64]
  • Emporium[65]
  • The Gallery Gardens[66]
  • Lloyd's News[citation needed]
  • Motel 42[9](page 90)
  • Ocean Cloud[67]
  • Rapture Savings Bank[65]
  • Rapture Tone Records[9] (page 91)
  • Scallop Spirits[65]
  • Smoking Lounge[68]
  • Sonia Fine Modern Wardrobe[69]
  • The Caduceus Drugstore[65]
  • Tonic Bender[9] (page 90)

See AlsoEdit


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