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The Rapture Bank Crash was an important event in the decline of Rapture. Immediately following the 1958 New Year's Eve Riots at the Kashmir Restaurant, the general populace had its confidence broken by the escalating violence, and a large number of citizens pulled their money out of the banks. This in turn caused a money shortage for the commerce of Rapture, causing further bankruptcies, mortgage failures, and layoffs. Grace Holloway was one of the individuals affected, when the nightclub she worked at closed. Some, like Augustus Sinclair, were able to profit, as affected people were forced into his low rent "hotel" housing. Others, like Atlas, used the crisis he had caused to recruit many citizens into his revolution.

By the end of the war, the Rapture Dollar was practically worthless, only being needed for vending machines that remained functioning and unbroken, or to turn off security devices.

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