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The Central Hub for the arena.

Rapture's Combat Arena is the location of "Worlds of Hurt" in the Challenge Rooms DLC. It consists of eight different rooms, all connected by a central hub. Each room has a different environment based on different levels of BioShock.

Central HubEdit

Worlds of Hurt Room door

The door leading to A Single Big Daddy

SingleBouncer RoomGraphic
Worlds of Hurt door frame

The Central Hub is a large, circular room that the player is returned to after completing each room. In the center of the room is a glass case with multiple Little Sister vents and a Little Sister trapped inside. Like all of the Challenge Rooms, the Little Sister the player must save appears to have already been "rescued" as she bears none of the signs of being implanted with a Sea Slug. She can only be rescued once all eight rooms have been cleared. Surrounding the glass case is one of every type of vending machine (except for the Health Station, of which there are two instead of one, and Power to the People machines which are found in each room). Every time the player clears a room, they receive a gift, which includes money and ADAM that can be spent in the respective vending machines.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The decorative cage that houses the Little Sister in the main room was designed by Laura Zimmermann.[1]
  • The stylized logos above each door were designed by Robb Waters.[2]


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