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Raffle Square's main stage.

Jeremiah Fink wants YOU to attend the July 6th Raffle.
― Raffle Advertisement[src]

Raffle Square is the location where the 1912 Columbia Raffle takes place in BioShock Infinite, located in the Raffle Park.

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BillBoard Lottery Ver UI DIFF

An advertisement for the Raffle Fair.

Raffle Square serves as the location for an annual carnival that celebrates Columbia's ideals, as well as the city's secession from the Union. In addition to the raffle, there is singing, carnival treats, and various other forms of entertainment. While it seems innocent enough to the average celebrator, many of these festivities promote social and racial prejudices, as in the stoning of a mixed race couple.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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When Booker DeWitt arrives at the square, he is asked to pick up a baseball with a number on it. The "lucky number" is 77, which wins the raffle. Booker is then given a choice to throw a baseball at either an interracial couple, the host of the Raffle Jeremiah Fink, or just refusing to throw it at all. Before striking either target, the crowd notices the brand on his right hand, the mark of the False Shepherd. The police attempt to apprehend Booker, but, with a little help from his newly-obtained Sky-Hook and Pistol, he manages to elude his captors and escape, causing the police to pursue him throughout Raffle Square, Shady Lane and onto the Comstock Center Rooftops.

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  1. Jeremiah Fink - Solution to Your Problems - Backstage, in between the cages for the groom and the bride.


BioShock Infinite - The Raffle Lottery (Throw at Announcer)

BioShock Infinite - The Raffle Lottery (Throw at Announcer)


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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The song that Jeremiah Fink leads the crowd in singing is "Goodnight, Irene" by Huddie Ledbetter. This is potentially anachronistic, as although the song was reportedly sung by Ledbetter in Louisiana as early as 1908, it was not recorded and published until 1934, and was not commercially successful until a later recording by a different artist was released in 1950.
  • Considering the sheer size of Columbia, the number of residents which live within, and the significance of what the annual raffle represents in Columbian history; there should be multitudes of people attending the raffle. There is, however, a crowd barely befitting of the celebrations.
  • The advertisement for the Raffle and Fair is based off of a turn of the century 4th of July postcard. The flags have been blanked and the girl in pink has been mirrored to cover up the boy in the sailor suit.
  • Jeremiah Fink's Raffle advertisement is not only reminiscent of James Montgomery Flagg's Uncle Sam "I Want You" recruitment poster, it borrows his entire arm and hand as well.

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