The followings are all radio messages played in the Factory and Housewares department levels of BioShock Infinite's downloadable content, Burial at Sea - Episode 2.



Factory Edit

1. Booker DeWitt - Never Heard of Hydrogen? Edit

Seems like a lot of technology just to float an airship. Comstock never heard of hydrogen?

2. Booker DeWitt - Let's Head Back Through that Tear Edit

You honestly expect Atlas to honor his side of the deal?

3. Booker DeWitt - We'll Cross that Bridge When We Come to It Edit

How do you plan on handling Atlas? He ain't some spliced-up maniac.

4. Booker DeWitt - He'll Make a Mistake Edit

All for a girl you barely know.

5. Booker DeWitt - Through the Doors of The First Lady Edit

Vox Populi. We must have arrived right in the middle of the siege.

6. Booker DeWitt - The Other You and I Edit

And what happens if we run into ourselves?

7. Booker DeWitt - We Won't Edit

How do you know that?

8. Booker DeWitt - (If Player Retrieves Clock Key First) Edit

What's that thing you just picked up?

9. Booker DeWitt - Arriving in Fink's Private Quarters Edit

A giant clock?

10. Booker DeWitt - The Mechanism Unlocks Certain Activities Edit

So, what? We're stuck waiting for the cuckoo to go off?

11. Booker DeWitt - We've Just Got to Find That Edit

Sure seems like a lot of work to lock down a few doors.

12. Booker DeWitt - You Were My Only Friend Edit

I'm not even here. I'm a projection of your own...

13. Booker DeWitt - Could You Humor Me, Then? Edit

I think... Booker would miss you.

14. Booker DeWitt - To Turn Me into What? Edit

A killer.

15. Booker DeWitt - How Did You Do it, Booker? Edit

Elizabeth... I'm not Booker.

16. Booker DeWitt - Big Daddy & Songbird Studies Edit

Huh. Seems like Fink and Suchong were sharing their research.

17. Booker DeWitt - The Little Sisters and the Big Daddies. Songbird and me. Edit

Constants and variables.

18. Booker DeWitt - Imprinting Edit

What is all this?

19. Booker DeWitt - It Will Imprint on Almost Anything Edit

Why would Fink care about that?

20. Booker DeWitt - He Wanted Him to Imprint on Me Edit

Well, if I recall, that was a problem he solved.

21. Booker DeWitt - Oxytocin Edit

What's that?

22. Booker DeWitt - Chemical that Bonds Mothers to Children Edit

Songbirds to little girls?

23. Booker DeWitt - Connection Between Songbird and Me Edit


24. Booker DeWitt - A Prototype or Something Edit

Is it human?

25. Booker DeWitt - They Tried Hypnotherapy Edit

[Scoff] On the Songbird. How'd that go?

26. Booker DeWitt - He Just Laid There Moaning Edit

The lion with the thorn in its paw. So much for science.

27. Booker DeWitt - The Genetic Sample Suchong Wanted Edit

He sent you all the way back here for a sample of your own hair?

28. Booker DeWitt - Do You Think Daisy Really Even Had a Choice? Edit

What do you mean?

29. Booker DeWitt - Did I Even Ever Have a Choice? Did You? Edit

Yeah, Booker thought he did.

30. Booker DeWitt - We End Up Just Going Down the Same Paths Edit

I don't take your meaning.

31. Booker DeWitt - To Prove a Point? Edit

And yet, here you are. Settling the debt.

32. Booker DeWitt - Isn't It Too Late for Her Now? Edit

Well, I'd say that's up to her to decide. Just as coming back here was up to you.

Housewares Edit

33. Booker DeWitt - Or a Thief in the Night Edit

Sixty seconds.

34. Booker DeWitt - I'm Scared Edit

They'll underestimate you, Elizabeth. People always do.

35. Atlas - Hell's Breakin' Loose Edit

Sounds like all hell's breakin' loose out there! What's your plan?

36. Atlas - Lunette Ring Edit

That's fascinatin' and all, but if you haven't noticed, Ryan's sent his goons to murder us!

If you're gonna pull a rabbit out of a hat, now's the time to do it.

37. Atlas - I Can Float the Building Edit

It so happens I've taken the bastard's office for me own use.

I'll make sure you've access to the private elevator.

Now hurry!

38. Booker DeWitt - Betrayal Edit

Elizabeth, you know Atlas is going to...

39. Booker DeWitt - I Know and I'm Ready Edit

Are you sure?

40. Atlas - Bring Me the Girl Edit

Didn't your mum ever teach you not to put your faith in strange, foreign men?

41. Atlas - She Means Nothing to You Edit

You've got that right. The girl means nothin'. But you, love... you mean the world...

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