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Assorted books

Various scientific monographs.

Rapture produced many different publications in its heyday. The underwater city promoted competition and a Laissez-faire economics environment, so journalism, publishing, and other facets of the print industry were divided among many different privately owned businesses.


News Vendor

Rapture's publications kept the many people of the city entertained and in the know. On the surface, a publisher might reject an individual's work for being too forward-thinking or risqué, but in Rapture, the only concern was whether a profit could be made. Whether it was the Bookstore in the Housewares department of Fontaine'sHarold Parson's meager shop in Pauper's Drop, or the various news vendors and kiosks in between, the citizens of Rapture had a wide variety of places where they could get their periodicals.

Like many businesses in Rapture, the print industry was dramatically affected by the 1958 New Year's Eve Riots, the Rapture Civil War, and the eventual collapse of civilized society. Under Security Order 217 all publications in Rapture were permanently suspended.



Sofia Book

Dr. Lamb's Unity and Metamorphosis.


  • Couture
  • Magnate
  • Rapture: Luxury You've Earned
  • Rapture Woman
  • Science and You

Erotic Reading MaterialEdit

  • Below Decks
  • Co-Eds
  • The Farmer's Daughter
  • Lusts
  • Mother May I?
  • Pearly Gates



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