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Gil Alexander Title Prototype
Speaker Gilbert Alexander
Level Fontaine Futuristics
AD gNr098-lNr08 Gilbert Alexander - Prototype f0206
Transcript: Our hope was to bond a Little Sister to a single Protector, so she had to be expendable in case of error. As we were fabricating a Father-bond, we couldn't really afford to have the girl's parents asking around. So, Fontaine's orphanages provided, and the procedure was an unprecedented success. If I had only known who the child was... Eleanor... I'm so sorry.

Location: Behind a code-locked door in a flooded hallway south of the Plasmid Theater. The code is 5254. (NOTE: The code can be seen in advance if the player interacts with the Unstable Teleport Plasmid.)

AD gNr098-lNr08 Gilbert Alexander - Prototype f0207

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