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Augustus Sinclair Title Profit Coming, Profit Going
Speaker Augustus Sinclair
Level Pauper's Drop
Profit Coming, Profit Going
AD gNr049-lNr15 Augustus Sinclair - Profit Coming, Profit Going f0102
Transcript: Now, I'm a modest man. But my piecemeal needle scam's an outright masterpiece: some slob shacked up here buys a box of syringe parts from me for twice what it's worth. He assembles 'em in his rathole, and I buy back the finished product... for a dime against the dollar that I'll get from Ryan. Profit comin', profit goin'. Ol' Andy rambles on about the Great Chain... I got people shellin' out to pull it for me!

Location: On the broken floor above the vent shrine in The Sinclair Deluxe.

AD gNr049-lNr15 Augustus Sinclair - Profit Coming, Profit Going f0103

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