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Salty's chips
Packaging Potato Chips

Alternate packages for Potato Chips.

"Captain Salty, a man of the sea. The perfect potato chips? Captain Salty's they be!"
―Salty's Chips advertisement[src]

Salty's Potato Chips are a snack that can be found in vending machines, on corpses, and other places around Rapture. They heal a small amount of Health when consumed. When used with the Extra Nutrition Tonic, they will restore much more health.

Help CaptionEdit

A bag of delicious potato chips will give you a small amount of Health. Like all food and drink, they are consumed immediately when picked up.

Known BrandsEdit

  • Salty's Chips
  • Snappy Chappy Potato Chips
  • — Nights Potato Chips

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bshock sisterchips

Choose wisely.

  • In the Little Wonders Educational Facility of Point Prometheus, a special dispenser of Potato Chip can be found. It has two buttons connected to monitors displaying images of a Big Daddy and a woman. If Jack pushes the button under the female image, a small shock will electrocute him and he will lose a small portion of health. Hitting the Big Daddy image button causes one of an infinite supply of Potato Chip bags to fall from the machine. A variation of a Skinner Box, this machine was used to condition Little Sisters into accompany Big Daddies (positive conditioning) and fear their female parents (negative conditioning).
  • Apart from having a franchise in the potato chip industry, Salty's is also an associate film studio called Salty's Sin-o-Scopes Pictures, specializing in erotic films.[1]


  1. Seen on the posters for the erotic films: "Big Daddy" and Appetite For Sin!

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