Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Porter's Legacy
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Operations
Porter's Legacy
AD gNr160-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Porter's Legacy f0335
Transcript: Rapture is at war, Porter... and you have cast your lot with the enemy. Your concerned associates provided me with a recording of your own voice, swearing loyalty to Fontaine and his gangsters -- evidence of treason. My men are already on their way. The Thinker no longer needs you; take pride in that. Mr. Wahl is qualified to ensure that it is used in the city's best interest. Eventually, a man's dream exceeds him, and his work becomes his legacy. For you, Charles, that hour has come.

Location: In the room past the frozen tunnel on the console, on the way to the Climate Control area.

AD gNr160-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Porter's Legacy f0336 AD gNr160-lNr11 Andrew Ryan - Porter's Legacy f0337

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