Not getting out of here alive, Vox… What you've done?! Yer gonna burn…
― Policeman[src]

The Police are the enforcing arm of the Founders in Columbia, trained to use brute force against even the slightest questioning of Columbian beliefs. Booker encounters them at the Columbian Town Center, the Comstock Center Rooftops, Soldier's Field, and Finkton. Police guards on medium difficulty go down in 1-2 shots. However, as the game progresses and the character develops, it takes more and more shots to bring them down. Both men and women serve in the ranks of Columbia's police force. Female cops sometimes wear metallic masks (in the likeness of Lady Liberty) as part of their uniforms. The Police are a large branch of the Columbia Authority.


Police officers come in two types: Patrolmen and Combat Officers.

Patrolman: Wearing a greenish-brown uniform, and little to no protection, Patrolmen are found where the possibility of unrest is not likely. As such, they wield lighter weapons, such as truncheons, pistols, and Sky-Hooks. A few can sometimes be found with machine guns, though these are very rare.

Combat Officers: Armored up with blue (or white) uniforms, Combat Officers are deployed in areas of civil unrest, or when the city is on high alert. They wield machine guns, shotguns, carbines, Sniper Rifles, and Hand Cannons. Their uniform color makes them stand out.

Patrolman Police officers (Brown uniforms)Edit

  • Columbia Raffle: The first cops can be found at a crossing arm, and two more can be found at the Fair in front of a locked gate. Approaching them will initiate short dialogues. After the choice at the raffle, the police turn hostile and begin to swarm the area. The patrolling cops will come swinging along on the Sky-Lines with their Sky-Hooks. Most come with truncheons, with some carrying Broadsider Pistols. More cops will be encountered as the player journeys to the Blue Ribbon Restaurant. A few are seen inside a home at Comstock Center Rooftops sketching a criminal suspect to a civilian.
  • Soldier's Field: Once the player steals something, fires any weapon, or attempts to activate the gondola to the First Lady's Aerodrome, cops will appear wielding flashlights along with their pistols, making it easier to spot them in the darker environment.
  • Beggar's Wharf: Cops with truncheons can be found here, monitoring the workers, and sitting around in a nearby office. Using your weapons, or attempting to loot the safe in the latter will cause the cops to attack and call in reinforcements.
  • Finkton: Several cops can be found around the level. Once the player uses a weapon, or attempts to possess a vending machine, all the cops in the level will turn hostile. However, the ones found near the service elevator are hostile, regardless. Quite a few are present when Booker first enters the Plaza of Zeal.

Combat Police officers (Blue uniforms)Edit

  • Comstock Center Rooftops: The first combat cop can be found facing away from you, looking around with a pair of binoculars. The Triple-R Machine Gun can be found next to him on a pile of crates. More will be encountered further along.
  • Monument Island Gateway: Comstock will tell all the soldiers in the area to stand down as the player approaches the second to last building in the level, which will result in all enemies in the building leaving you alone. Kill them for an easy free restock of machine gun ammo. Don't get too distracted, though, as the officers on the nearby Zeppelin are still hostile.
  • Battleship Bay: After taking out Esther Mailer and her undercover force, a bunch of combat police will appear carrying machine guns and shotguns.
  • Soldier's Field: Combat cops will arrive when you attempt to summon the gondola for the first time. They will also be encountered while heading towards or exiting the Hall of Heroes, and when you summon the gondola after powering it back up. Unlike the previously-mentioned levels, this area is where the combat police start carrying Sky-Hooks, with which they can ride the Sky-Lines to chase the player.
  • Good Time Club: A few combat cops can be found in the club prison.

Combat Cops will appear for the rest of Finkton, Shantytown, the Bull House Impound, and the three encounters with the Siren in Emporia. Upon reaching Comstock House, they are replaced by Comstock's last-resort force, the Elite Soldiers.


Rank Type Health Melee Damage Ranged Damage
1 Police (Baton) 150 100 N/A
1 Police (Pistol) 100 25 94


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