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Diary 19 Title Playing Prophet
Speaker Rosalind Lutece
Level Lutece Labs
Date October the 15th, 1893
Playing Prophet
Rosalind Lutece - Playing Prophet
Transcript: Brother, I have told you many times that I encountered this particular Caesar before he crossed the Rubicon. When I met Comstock, he was little more than a preacher, able to move both members of the flock or members of Congress with equal dexterity. He believed in my work, and his influence bought the funds I so needed. And if he wanted to use Tears to play prophet, that was his prerogative. But at some point, the man became incapable of distinguishing his performance from his person. I sit in judgment -- but then again, it was I who built the stage.

Location: On a desk to the right of the Lutece Device.

VP gNr128-lNr04 Rosalind Lutece - Playing Prophet f0832

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