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Grimes diary picture Title Playing Doctor
Speaker Edward Grimes
Level Inner Persephone

Doctor: The children are showing remarkable leaps in ADAM generation. They seem to be able to heal any damage that befalls them.

Girl 1: Doctor Grimes, we're playing doctor, and it's your turn to be the patient!

Doctor: Not now, child. Can't you see I'm busy? Now where was I. Oh yes, healing...


Doctor: NNNGGH!


Girl 2: Good technique, Veronica!

Girl 1: Ok Doctor, you can get up now.

Girl 2: Why isn't the incision healing? Hey. Dr. Grimes?

Location: Removed audio diary found in the localization texts and associated with the audio file GUL_L_9L11_Log_@Gulag_QuestLog-1.

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