AudioLog MorrisLauderman Title Pennies on the Dollar
Speaker Morris Lauderman
Level Housewares
Date November the 3rd, 1958
Pennies on the Dollar
Pennies On The Dollar
Transcript: And before I knew it, Ryan had me bounced out of my own restaurant -- and that Korean had the run of the place. It was a good business, I tell you. I never shoulda told anyone about that light; about those weird buildings I saw, floatin' in the clouds. And most of all, I never should have told no one about that girl who showed up one day... in that old-timey blue dress.

Location: On a shelf behind the cashier counter in the Silver Fin Restaurant.

VP gNr105-lNr07 Morris Lauderman - Pennies on the Dollar f0708 VP gNr105-lNr07 Morris Lauderman - Pennies on the Dollar f0709

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