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C. M. Porter raw picture Title Pearl, Alone
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Operations
Pearl, Alone
AD gNr161-lNr12 Charles Milton Porter - Pearl, Alone f0338

Porter: Continuing input of audio data into The Thinker's database. Subject: Pearl Porter.

Pearl: Dear Milton: I'm recording this on the... sixth straight day since you were home last. I know your work is important to the war effort. But you're not even allowed to tell me what you're working on, and that's so... frustrating. London is a beautiful city... but it isn't home. I... I hope I'll see you soon, Milton... I -- *Scratching sounds*

Porter: Ending input.

Location: Across from the safe with MINE written on the wall heading to Climate Control. In the last alcove on the cooling blade.

AD gNr161-lNr12 Charles Milton Porter - Pearl, Alone f0339 AD gNr161-lNr12 Charles Milton Porter - Pearl, Alone f0340

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