Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Pauper's Drop
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Pauper's Drop
Pauper's Drop
AD gNr044-lNr10 Andrew Ryan - Pauper's Drop f0092
Transcript: Do you remember what you told me, Bill? A marketplace of ideas... that was you. If I submit to the debates with Lamb, we defang her. I have done so. And you have been to Pauper's Drop, Bill? Listen: (the sound of Grace singing "When you're down and out," in a nightclub) Between each song, these Oblomovs hand out her manifesto. Her face adorns every wall. Saint Lamb. You made her, McDonagh... and now you will convince the Council to sponsor her silence.

Location: In a small room above Dr. Hollcrofts' pharmacy.

AD gNr044-lNr10 Andrew Ryan - Pauper's Drop f0093

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