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Parker and Co Excelsior Canned Meats sign

The store swept clean even in the worst of times.

Parker & Co. Excelsior Brand Canned Meats is a grocery store modestly advertised in Columbia. Notably, the building in the Market District in Downtown Emporia is completely ablaze, with a seemingly oblivious woman sweeping the floor inside.

BioShock Infinite Edit

Fruit Produce Grocery sign
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There are several stores in Downtown Emporia. One is closed with its sign fallen amongst the arcade shops in the Financial District. Another is along the pathway from the Financial District to the Market District. It is shuttered with flaming refuse at its entrance.

The only store still open is along the main thoroughfare of the Market District, right across the street from Lutece Labs. Inside, one can find some supplies including a Dollar Bill and a Minuteman's Armory machine. Strangest of all is the shopkeeper calmly sweeping her burning store.

She can be heard uttering stilted dialouge ranging from an enraged rebuke to a calm welcome. The store's destruction was presumably caused by the Vox Populi in their rampage across Columbia. The shopkeeper's Tear-like condition, is similar to the state of the dead police from the basement of the Good Time Club. She likely died at the hands of the Vox in this universe, and was brought, living, from the previous universe when Booker and Elizabeth jump to the next reality through the tear in the police headquarter's basement.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • The sweeping shopkeeper was initially seen in a Harper's Grocery in prelaunch trailers and concept art. However, the layout of the store has greatly changed with the woman no longer framed in the doorway and the Edwardian hairstyle covered by a hat.

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