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Pablo Navarro
"Sure, the boys in Ryan's lab can make it hack-proof. But that don't mean we ain't gonna hack it."
―Pablo Navarro[src]

Pablo Navarro is a maintenance worker in Hephaestus employed under Supervisor Kyburz. An extremely opportunistic man who takes advantage of any situation that presents itself, Navarro is not above manipulating others to obtain what he wants.

History Edit

On the surface, Pablo Navarro used to work on plumbing for Chinowski’s Maintenance along with Bill McDonagh. In Rapture, he was assigned as maintenance engineer under Kyburz for the Hephaestus Power Facility, and kept maintenance all over the city, including the maintenance of Big Daddies' suits.

During the Civil War, he claimed to have slept with Anya Andersdotter, someone attempting to kill Andrew Ryan, and got Kyburz drunk enough to tell him his door code so he could steal from his office. What is presumably his body can be found on the floor of his workspace in Hephaestus. He may have been killed by Ryan's Splicers along with many engineers in the facility when Ryan began to turn paranoid, or possibly by his own fellow workers.

Audio Diaries Edit


Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The portrait shown with one of his quotes in the Challenge Rooms' loading screen is in fact an unused portrait for Kyle Fitzpatrick.
  • Pablo's loading screen quote implies that he used his skills as a maintenance worker to hack vending machines around Rapture in order to obtain lower prices.
  • Pablo's model is the "Waders" splicer model.
Young Pablo Navarro Portrait

A portrait of Kyle Fitzpatrick misattributed to Pablo Navarro.

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