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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon1 Title Oven of the Future
Speaker Bert Unger
Level Housewares
Date November the 20th, 1958
Oven of the Future
Oven of the Future
Transcript: "Oven a' the future," huh? Yeah, the kid got hold of that damn Radar Range last night. Started tryin' it out on everything: apples, marshmallows, spoons! Had himself a fine time until our Pekingese stepped in the way. And for some reason, I'm the one in Dutch with the wife. Well, I locked the damn thing up. Oh, uh, so I don't forget the code, it's 3-9-5-8.

Location: On the floor of the broken elevator in the middle of the Electronics department.

VP gNr094-lNr02 Bert Unger - Oven of the Future f0690 VP gNr094-lNr01 Bert Unger - Oven of the Future f0691

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