Nigel Weir Title Out With the Old...
Speaker Nigel Weir
Level Inner Persephone
Out With the Old...
AD gNr126-lNr14 Nigel Weir - Out With the Old... f0266
Transcript: Looks like Sinclair's been ousted. He wasn't slick enough to avoid the boot this time, but at least it wasn't a firing squad. Lamb proved she's got the ear of the general population down here, so it would probably be prudent to play along for a while, see where this goes. She says she'll let me keep my little fiefdom here in holding, as long as I agree to supply her "therapy sessions." No qualms there. These sorry buggers could use some rehabilitation.

Location: Security Checkpoint A in the Holding wing.

AD gNr126-lNr14 Nigel Weir - Out With the Old... f0267

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