Diary 2 Title Otis' Nimble Fingers
Speaker Byron Cotswold
Level Comstock Center Rooftops
Date June the 23rd, 1912
Otis' Nimble Fingers
Byrod Cotswold - Otis' Nimble Fingers
Transcript: Otis works up at the lodge part-time. He took this box from one of their secret ceremonies, and I know for sure there is something dear inside. Problem is, Otis is more fool than not. He didn't bother to also secure a key from the feathered brothers to open the damn thing.

Location: Inside the Lansdowne Residence, on a shelf in the second floor bedroom, with the optional locked treasure chest containing an Infusion.

VP gNr007-lNr02 Byron Cotswold - Otis' Nimble Fingers f0538 VP gNr007-lNr02 Byron Cotswold - Otis' Nimble Fingers f0539

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