BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon9 Title Observation #33
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level High Street
Date October the 20th, 1958
Observation #33
Observation 33
Transcript: Suchong observe strangest of coincidences. On other side of window, man in strange hat experimenting on Suchong's own creation. On Plasmid. Man name of Fink. Outrage! Theft of intellectual property! But -- man name of Fink is no fool. Through addition of oxidizing agent, turns Plasmid ingestible through stomach lining. Mr. Ryan very impressed with Suchong's initiative. Theft of intellectual property two-way street.

Location: In the right dressing room at Maison Vosges.

VP gNr083-lNr01 Yi Suchong - Observation -33 f0671 VP gNr083-lNr01 Yi Suchong - Observation -33 f0672

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