C. M. Porter raw picture Title Nothing But Ashes
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Minerva's Den
Nothing But Ashes
AD gNr134-lNr05 Charles Milton Porter - Nothing But Ashes f0282
Transcript: That first year in London, working for Turing... I didn't see Pearl much. Spent all day and night in a government compound, building a computer to crack the Enigma Machine. Pearl got pretty fed with up me! I didn't pay her heed. Then one night, I'm out in that complex... and the Blitz starts falling. Next morning I came home... to find nothing but ashes where I last saw her. Nothing but ashes...

Location: On a counter at the far right side in Porter's office, next to photos of his dead wife.

AD gNr134-lNr05 Charles Milton Porter - Nothing But Ashes f0283

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