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Gloria Parson AD Title Not Your Daddy
Speaker Gloria Parson
Level Dionysus Park
Not Your Daddy
Parson Not Your Daddy
Transcript: *sigh* You'll never guess what your boy did today. We were leaving the carousel after a day at Dionysus Park and he was... staring... at one of those terrifying "Big Daddies!" When I asked him what he was looking at, he wouldn't answer me! Oh Harold, why did you leave us? Billy needs a father! [He needs one so badly that he's trying to find one in a shambling pile of seaweed! How could you do this to him?]

Location: Cult of Rapture Website.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This removed audio diary is also featured in the localization texts under the name "Billy Needs a Father," and is associated to the file VO_GAL_L_Dlrs_Log_10.
  • The two sentences in brackets are present in the localization texts while missing in the audio file.

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