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Northern Telco is a phone company split up into regional sections. In the storyline of the viral website There's Something in the Sea, Mark Meltzer is a customer of the northern division. Mark has been in long-distance contact with many individuals, including Celeste Roget in Paris, and Ulrich Broder in Germany, during the course of his investigation into the disappearance of his daughter, Cindy. A great deal of his correspondence was over the phone. This has caused his large telephone bill, which strained the already dwindling funds in his bank account. In response to a bounced check, Northern Telco sent a phone message:

10/12 - Listen Edit

"Mr. Meltzer? This is Northern TelCo calling in regards to an outstanding amount on your telephone bill. You currently owe $58.26 for local and long-distance service. The check you remitted was returned by the bank. You will be assessed a fee for the return check. Your service may be interrupted unless full payment is received within fourteen days of this notice. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter."

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