Diary 10 Title No Profit for the Prophets
Speaker Jeremiah Fink
Level Factory
Date June the 11th, 1912
No Profit for the Prophets
No Profit for the Prophets
Transcript: Sea Slugs. Goddamn Sea Slugs! Could that Oriental have come up with a more inconvenient fuel for his Plasmids? If there is a God -- and I've seen more evidence to the contrary than in support -- you'd think he'd have put ADAM into the belly of a nice little seagull or crow. The costs of all these underwater expeditions are murdering my margins.

Location: On a table inside Jeremiah Fink's "Leisure" room in his Private Quarters.

VP gNr118-lNr04 Jeremiah Fink - No Profit for the Prophets f0726

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