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Naledi Atkins diary Title No Limits
Speaker Naledi Atkins
Level BioShock 2 Multiplayer
No Limits
Naledi Atkins - No Limits
Transcript: Limits, yeah? I remember topside, the limits. Yeah, how you should behave and that, but those limits you can beat. But how deep could I dive, how fast could I go? Them're stricter limits. You need machinery to beat those, and that's just more limits... I want to be speed itself, right? The force rushing through things. Not the wind, but the velocity; not the tide, but the power drives it. That's what I want. Like the way a grape is wine... that's me: the thing inside that bursts through. That's why I came to Rapture. To get beyond limits.

Location: On the couch in the player's apartment.

AD BioShock 2 Multiplayer Audio Diaries Location f0526

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