"Oh magus, you have begun thy journey. Your master's temple has fallen but his work is not yet finished…"Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

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Day161 item910 breakout

The only known issue of the New York Orb.

The New York Orb was a newspaper that was in circulation at the time of There's Something in the Sea. There are 123 known issues published, and the paper actively published an evening edition. The only known headline was "Bloody Break-Out!" and the article itself informed the Orb's readers of Orrin Oscar Lutwidge's escape from Tollevue Mental Asylum.



File photo of Tollevue Hospital. Initial police reports suggested that
the missing patient may have had an accomplice in the breakout, but
no other patients are missing. Police are investigating the whereabouts
of a visiting Irish psychiatrist who toured the facility earlier yesterday.

Murderous Maniac
Escapes Madhouse
— Police report that an orderly
was brutally murdered during the escape of a
patient who spent nearly a decade in a secure
ward for violent inmates at Tollevue Mental
The inmate, Orrin O. Lutwidge (alias Rod K.

Quain), age 61, is believed to be at large and
may still be in possession of a knife used in the
attack. Authorities advise that he is to be consid-
ered armed and extremely dangerous. Police
have established a hotline number for leads and
updates on this case.

For direct information from Det. Benjamin

Stango, contact the police information hotline at