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Diane McClintock Title New Year's Eve Alone
Speaker Diane McClintock
Level Welcome to Rapture
New Year's Eve Alone
Diane McClintock - New Year's Eve Alone

(Sounds of a party, and the jazz song And All the While I'm Loving You playing in the background)

Diane: Another New Year's, another night alone. I'm out, and you're stuck in Hephaestus, working. Imagine my surprise. I just guess I'll have another drink… here's a toast to Diane McClintock, silliest girl in Rapture. Silly enough to fall in love with Andrew Ryan, silly enough to --

(Sounds of explosions and screaming)

Splicer 1: Long live Atlas!

Splicer 2: Death to Ryan!

Diane: What… what happened… I'm bleeding… oh, God… what's happening…

Location: Kashmir Restaurant, on the bottom floor on top of a table.

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Diane can be heard making her recording in the background of the promotional BioShock 2 Rapture Radio broadcast. However, a different song plays in the background prior to the attack on the restaurant.

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