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The Beautiful entrance to New Eden Square.

"A vision of a great city! The Prophet Comstock leads his people out of the Sodom Below! A Miracle Child is born, the future of the city is secured!"
―Floating Parade Float

New Eden Square is one of the first areas explored in BioShock Infinite. It is part of the Welcome Center, and has many different shops and stores, most prominently displaying "Pilgrims Welcome!" signs in their storefronts. At the center of the square is a monument of Comstock. One can also see Automated Stallions, a series of parade floats recounting the tale of Comstock, and even a barbershop quartet on a flying gondola.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Welcome-New Eden Squ-Curt's

New Eden Square's shops.

After Booker DeWitt exits the Garden of New Eden, the floating island containing the Church of Comstock docks at New Eden Square. Booker passes several cordial, if prejudiced, citizens all in a carnival atmosphere over the annual Columbia Raffle and Fair. Eventually, he spots Monument Island, his destination, and receives a telegram from someone named "Lutece."

New DiscoveriesEdit


  1. Zachary Hale Comstock - Undeserving
  2. Zachary Hale Comstock - Everyman, All at Once


  1. Father Comstock's Gift of Prophecy
  2. Beware the False Shepherd!


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