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Diary 23 Title Never Seen the Face
Speaker Cornelius Slate
Level Soldier's Field
Date May the 30th, 1912
Never Seen the Face
Cornelius Slate - Never seen the Face
Transcript: I served two-score years of soldiering. And every heathen land I've known is less peopled for my passing. I hated no special enemy. Until now. Comstock. He's made a vaudeville travesty of my battles, and cast himself as the White Knight. I called him out over it, and he stripped me of my rank. That man has never seen the savage face of war. But he will.

Location: On a desk in the locked room with the Gun Automatons in Patriot's Pavilion.

VP gNr026-lNr01 Cornelius Slate - Never Seen the Face f0571 VP gNr026-lNr01 Cornelius Slate - Never Seen the Face f0572

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