Diary 10 Title Necessary Precautions
Speaker Jeremiah Fink
Level Factory
Date July the 8th, 1912
Necessary Precautions
Necessary Precautions
Transcript: Comstock promises there's nothing to be worried about -- but I don't like the smell of things down in Finkton, not one bit. If trouble rears its ugly head in the form of one cantankerous Negress, I've laid in some supplies in the event of a forced evacuation. They're down in what I call my "chamber of panic," near the base of my statue. I've set the code to 8-3-7-1.

Location: On a desk underneath a blackboard showing notes for possible Vigors.

VP gNr120-lNr06 Jeremiah Fink - Necessary Precautions f0729 VP gNr120-lNr06 Jeremiah Fink - Necessary Precautions f0730

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