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Naledi Atkins diary Title Near Death is Life
Speaker Naledi Atkins
Level BioShock 2 Multiplayer
Near Death is Life
Naledi Atkins - Near Death is Life
Transcript: Was in a river once, topside... underwater spelunkin', right? And the flow was so fast-like, and, I got caught on a rock: I was drownin', 'till a friend pulled me out. But when I was under I thought "Let me dissolve, let my body and the water meet, and let me be the rush of the river." Down here in Rapture: that's what I am, that's what the ADAM lets me be. And I'm going to rush, now, like a river, all over.

Location: On the couch in the player's apartment, unlocked at Rank 31.

AD BioShock 2 Multiplayer Audio Diaries Location f0526

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