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The Nail Gun is an unlockable weapon appearing exclusively in BioShock 2 Multiplayer. It has a short delay before firing, but afterward, has the highest rate of fire of any weapon. It is unlocked at Rank 14.

Multiplayer UpgradesEdit

  • Extended Magazine: Unlocked at Rank 23. Increases the Nail Gun's clip size from 50 rounds to 75, allowing the user to fire more shots before having to reload.
  • Damage Increase: Unlocked at Rank 37. Increases the Nail Gun's damage output, but decreases its accuracy.


  • The Nail Gun's rev-up time can be nullified by tapping the fire button. Although very noisy, it'll allow the player to attack any enemies instantly.
  • Being stunned in any way will reset the Nail Gun's rev-up timer to zero.
  • The Nail Gun is the best Anti-Big Daddy weapon, capable of killing one at full health in two clips.
  • The Nail Gun's large clip size makes it effective against groups, allowing the player to kill five players in a single clip (assuming every shot lands on target).
  • The Nail Gun is best suited for mid- to close-range combat, as its low accuracy makes it unrecommended for any other form of combat.
  • Although this weapon is easy to use during combat, its rev-up time takes some time to master. If the player has spotted an enemy, take cover, rev up and attack.
  • The Nail Gun's Extended Magazine upgrade presents no disadvantages, and will increase the weapon's effectiveness against groups and Big Daddies.
  • The Nail Gun's Damage Increase upgrade makes it supremely effective in close combat, although the weapon will become ineffective even at medium ranges.
  • The Nail Gun's Burst Fire upgrade will decrease its effectiveness at close ranges, but will make it much more accurate over long distances.

Complementary WeaponsEdit

  • The Grenade Launcher's ease of use makes it a suitable counterpart to the Nail Gun, able to deal large bursts of damage versus entire groups at a time.
  • The Crossbow can provide long-range support in case the target is too far.
  • The Tommy Gun works similarly to the Nail Gun, and can potentially save the user's life if caught unaware.

Recommended PlasmidsEdit

  • Winter Blast will prevent enemies from escaping and, if the player has the Extended Clip upgrade and is fighting a Big Daddy, can allow the player to kill the latter without ever having to reload.
  • Geyser Trap can be used to throw enemies into the air, allowing the player to rev up while doing so.
  • Houdini will allow the player to reappear at a target's blind spot and ambush them.
  • Insect Swarm will disorient enemies, giving the player time to rev up safely.

Recommended TonicsEdit

  • Big Game Hunter will increase the Nail Gun's effectiveness against Big Daddies even further. If the player has the Extended Clip upgrade, one will even be able to kill a Big Daddy in one clip.
  • Speedy Recovery will allow the player to quickly regenerate health, which is almost always necessary after a fight when using this weapon.


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